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Why Mobile App

Your competitors are exploiting every possible opportunity to expand their clientele the new mantra of business is to be found in mobile.

People are spending more time on digital media than on any other media including TV. This is the classic “tipping point” and should ring the “digital first” bell in your head.

This same research finds that within the whopping 5+ hours per day people are spending in digital, a plurality of that time is being spent on a mobile device (phone or tablet). This should ring the “mobile first” bell in your head.

Mobile Usage = App Usage

Their are more than 300,000 apps and here’s where it gets interesting that 80% of mobile device time is spent in apps, 20% in browser.

Many people think that people will not wade through the sea of apps when they can simply use a website. But mobile is how we are spending our time, and we are ALREADY spending 80% of that mobile time in apps. We believe this demonstrates that consumers indeed want the simplicity and focus that apps provide, rather than the variety and diffusion inherent in websites.


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